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Harry Gee

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Raised by Jack Woolman and released in 1967, sported Apricot for Alan Wren and released in 1973. Harold Walker also released a Salmon sport in 1973, a White sport was released by Alan Wren in 1974 but this has now been lost. (Unless anyone has any stock and if so please let me know). Woolman’s released an Amber sport in 1976, which proved to be smaller and poorer than the others. This was lost but in 2001 Howard Minns and myself had Harry Gee and Apricot Harry Gee irradiated. We were lucky to get a better Salmon Sport and an Amber sport. 
Root Mid January for 2nd crown. 1st stop 15th April 2nd stop one break on 5th June and the other on 15th June. Use a 10” pot as Harry Gee is a big rooter and needs heavy wood to get big blooms. Bud needs to arrive ready for securing around 12th August.
Full feeds, but do not feed after calyx split as the developing blooms can scorch.
This variety does best on wet seasons.
Salmon Harry Gee -->

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