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Dear Customer

All my stock this year is from stools that produced the finest blooms last year.  
I only supply Large Exhibition (Japs) and no other types of chrysanthemums.

2022 Pricing

The cost of rooted cuttings is £3.00 each or three cuttings of one variety for £8.00.
I have a new Section 1 from John Nevill called Jefferson, A yellow incurving bloom that’s big. Only 3ft tall, £5 each or 3 for £12.
I also have a sport off Peggy Ann, It sported with the late Michael Tippet in Bristol, these are £3.50 each or 3 for £9.
I am sorry I have dispensed with several long standing varieties that have become unreliable.  8 recent introductions have been added from John Nevill.
Shorter varieties under 5ft have been marked with an asterisk * and under 4ft with a double asterisk **.


I do not root cuttings unless I have orders for them

Therefore please ensure you give the date you wish to receive your order. This must be at least 3 weeks after we receive your order. This gives me time to root your cuttings.

If possible please include a Telephone No. with order form. If I run out of a variety I can then telephone you to let you know.

Unrooted Cuttings

I am not offering unrooted cuttings. It makes planning for rooting very difficult.


Both My small boxes will go as a small parcel and will hold 24 rooted cuttions for £5.00. The bigger box of over 24-36 cuttings costs £7.00.

Limited Supply

The following varieties I only stock in very small numbers because they are not as reliable as the ones on the main list.
Please do not order more than 3 cuttings of any of the following varieties: Mark Woolman, Ivor Mace, Elizabeth Shoesmith, Maroon Elizabeth Shoesmith, Lancashire Fold, Shirley Primrose, Green Goddess, Yellow Ralph Lambert. 


will be on the following dates:-

Mon 7th Feb,
Mon 14th Feb,
Mon 21st Feb,
Mon 28th Feb,
Mon 7th March,
Mon 14th March,
Mon 21st March,
Mon 28th March

Use one of these dates at the top of your order form.

If you don’t receive your plants by the Wednesday Morning after your delivery date, Please telephone me. 01443 775531 or 07980014964. Last year one customer contacted me a month after deliveries had finished. Nothing could be done then. 

Chrysanthemums - How To Order

  1. Browse website and choose what varieties you wish to order. - Varieties
  2. Print out the Order Form. Order Form (PDF)
  3. Fill in the order form with your details, ensuring that you have included
    • Your personal information including phone number, in case that contact needs to be made.
    • Delivery date. Give an approximate date, this must be at least 3 weeks after receipt of order.
    • The order itself, all totaled up correctly.
    • Payment. Cheque or Postal Order Acceptable. Cheques made payable to Ivor Mace
  4. Finally, send all the completed order form and payment to the following address.


    Ivor Mace
    2 Mace Lane
    CF42 6DS


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