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Large Exhibition Chrysanthemums

Monday, 13 September 2010


Large Exhibition Chrysanthemums are not everyone’s favourites, if you like them they can be spectacular in a greenhouse or conservatory from mid September until mid November. Here are a few pictures of mine taken in the last two seasons.

22-10-05 Cream Duke and Yellow Duke
22-10-05 Duke of Kent
22-10-05 Gigantic
22-10-05 Golden Gigantic
22-10-05 Harry Gee
22-10-05 Harry, Amber, Salmon Amber Gee
22-10-05 Jessie Habgood
22-10-05 Lanc Lad
22-10-05 Lundy
22-10-05 Mark Woolman
22-10-05 Peggy Anne
13-10-05 Apricot Harry Gee and Lancashire Fold
27-10-04 Cream Duke
13-10-04 Duke of Kent and Pink Duke
27-10-04 Duke of Kent Family
13-10-05 General view
13-10-05 General view with Gigantics on the right hand side
13-10-04 Gigantic
13-10-04 Yellow Duke and Cream Duke
27-10-04 Yellow Phil Houghton
13-10-05 Yellow Ralph Lambert , Ralph Lambert and Harry Gee

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