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Progress with Chrysanthemums & Carnations

Monday, 08 October 2012

The consensus around the country is that Large Exhibition blooms are running late. Andy Wickham and John Nevill have both sent me comparative photographs from last year. When I secured my buds I was fairly happy that my plants were on time comparing bud securing dates from previous years.

The colour is very good so far this year.  However I was pleased to see bright weather last weekend, and it certainly helped the blooms develop. Today we've had drizzle till lunch time and dull weather this afternoon. I switched the extractor fans off because they were sucking all the dry air out and pulling damp air in.

I like the look of John Nevill's new McKinley. I've never seen a bud as big and considering I secured the buds on 28th July they are very slow so far. The petals are big and have plenty of substance. The other seedling I secured on the 10th August and they have already passed the McKinley but the are not as neat. Time will tell.

I've taken a photo of each of the Gigantic's including my new Amber sport, it has a ginger reverse as opposed to the aluminium colour on the reverse of the original Amber Gigantic. Due to the cool weather the colour is very good so far. I've taken 2 photos from either end of the greenhouse and the carnation cuttings I have taken today.


John's other Jap Seedling

The greenhose from the Treorci end.

Also from the Treorci end

From the Treherbert end.

Also from the Treherbert end.


Silver                                                                 Golden


Gigantic                                                           Bronze


Old Amber                                                        New Amber

A days work taking carnation cuttings

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