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It's a busy time in the garden

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It really is a busy time and to top it off I've had a really heavy cold.  My energy levels are low and I have a lot of jobs falling behind.   It's a great relief to see the end of the continuous frosty nights.  I've cultivated the garden and planted my potatoes, now I need to plant out some other vegetable plants I have here.

I'm in the midst of getting my onion bed ready in the tunnel and tomorrow when I finish I will close it up for a week to warm the soil before planting out.

The chrysanthemums are all in 5 & 6 inch pots in the cold-frames and the carnations are ready for potting on, so I must get on with mixing the compost.


Garden cultivated and ready for planting.


Most of the Chrysanthemums are out in the cold-frames, now there's room to start potting the carnations

Cold Frames

Peggy Ann


Onions & Leeks are lagging behind.

Getting ready to plant out onions.

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