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New Japanese Varieties

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

These have been registered as a section 2 medium exhibition.

Bola de Oro Kokka Etsusan Kokka Shinkin Primrose Mt Shasta

2012 Prices

£2.00 each or 3 for £4.50.

Special Offer 1 plant each of the 4 varieties for £5.00. 

Post & packing £2.50

Total = £7.00

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Monday, 13 September 2010

See the trial listings and results here

Based on the visits of 1st of July, 16th July 1st of august and the 5th of September.

Most of the judging this year was done from under an umbrella. Not fair you might say. On the other hand you could say it was the best possible test. If roses flourish under the extreme conditions that were experienced this year they would survive anywhere. It was by far the worse season I can ever remember for flowers, and not as good as you might think for growth because all that rain quickly brought black spot and later, downy mildew that in turn weakened the rose bushes.

The varieties that have made the top ten this year are really tough nuts. It is also worth mentioning that 6 new rose varieties planted this year that didn’t quite get into the top ten only because they got off to a very slow start. By September they were amongst the best roses in the trials. Golden Glory and Gardeners Glory two yellow climbers from Chris Warner look healthy and should do well next year. Young Lycidas, Sir John Betjeman, and Wisley 2008 (all Austins) were also in top gear by September. And Wild Thing, a cerise ground cover shrub from (Dicksons) was also looking smashing. They were the unlucky ones. Rambling Rosie, a red shrub from the late Colin Horner looked a very good healthy rose all year. Sherbet Fizz (Limes) put on a dazzling display in july and august, a lovely yellow patio. George Best (Dicksons) a red patio, full of flower until September where it fell away a little, but looks good for next year. County of Hampshire (Kordes) single pink ground cover, and would look great on a half-standard, healthy and has a good constitution. Gold Spice a yellow HT from (Fryers) is a cracking new rose. Also Strikes Gold a (Kordes) HT introduced by John Woods looks a winner in waiting. I could go on with so many good varieties to choose from, but this years winner is CINDERELLA, a pink shrub with the habit of the new English roses. Bred by (Kordes) Introduced by John Woods. The power and constitution of this rose is something to see, very healthy, no disease all season. This variety will be around for quite a while.

The trial was managed and looked after by Ivor Mace and Judged by Mike Thompson

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Large Exhibition Chrysanthemums

Monday, 13 September 2010


Large Exhibition Chrysanthemums are not everyone’s favourites, if you like them they can be spectacular in a greenhouse or conservatory from mid September until mid November. Here are a few pictures of mine taken in the last two seasons.

22-10-05 Cream Duke and Yellow Duke
22-10-05 Duke of Kent
22-10-05 Gigantic
22-10-05 Golden Gigantic
22-10-05 Harry Gee
22-10-05 Harry, Amber, Salmon Amber Gee
22-10-05 Jessie Habgood
22-10-05 Lanc Lad
22-10-05 Lundy
22-10-05 Mark Woolman
22-10-05 Peggy Anne
13-10-05 Apricot Harry Gee and Lancashire Fold
27-10-04 Cream Duke
13-10-04 Duke of Kent and Pink Duke
27-10-04 Duke of Kent Family
13-10-05 General view
13-10-05 General view with Gigantics on the right hand side
13-10-04 Gigantic
13-10-04 Yellow Duke and Cream Duke
27-10-04 Yellow Phil Houghton
13-10-05 Yellow Ralph Lambert , Ralph Lambert and Harry Gee

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Lionel Pooles Roses

Monday, 13 September 2010


A large Yellow with Much potential
Another nice white with much potential
Large Yellow
Lionel Poole's Crosses for 2005
Lionel Pooles seedlings 2004 which will provide future new roses
New rose from Lionel Poole which will soon be named.
One of the most highly perfumed roses that I have ever seen
Pink New rose from Lionel Poole


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Clive Postles Daffodils

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Early in April Dennis Fletcher, Roy Tudor and myself travelled to Worcestershire to look at Clive Postles new daffodil varieties.

Clive has young seedlings, some varieties with just a few bulbs that he is building up, and others that are more plentiful. Here are some photos of the blooms that were in flower when we were there.
Amongst the new varieties
Clive points out a good one
Clive studies one of his seedlings
Clive, Jack Gilbert,Roy Tudor, and Dennis Fletcher look at Clives new varieties
Covers to keep off rain

Roy Tudor and Dennis Fletcher admire the new daffodils
New Seedling


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