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Dowlais Chrysanthemum Society 8th November 2013

Friday, 08 November 2013

Just got back from Dowlais Show.  In case your wondering Dowlais is a historic iron makeing and coal mining district of Merthyr Tydfil. Merthyr was big when Cardiff was just a small village and the Rhondda Valley was just a farming valley prior to the descovery of coal.

Here's some of the best exhibits.

Mark Ashton's Silver Medal Exhibit of Robeam & Cream Ryski       John Hobbs Bronze Medal Entry of William Florentine & Primrose John Hughes.


Bryn Stonebridges Certificate of Merit Entry of Rose Patricia Millar                                              Cyril Powell's White & Peach Fairweather.


John Hobb's Certificate of Merit entry of Peach Fairweather.                                                    Phil Little's Brierton Sunsett & Mason's Bronze


Bryn Stonebridge's Cossack.                               John Lett's 6 Fantasies, Senkyo Karau & Salhouse Joy.


Phil Little's Peter Anderton and single Gladeye.    Phil Little's Brierton Sunsett, Mason's Bronze & Brierton Festival.


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