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John Nevill's new Large Exhibition cultivars on trial.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

I have 3 of John Nevill's new cultivars on trial. Patton a glowing purple reflexed type, McTell a bronze with reflexed form. and one I had last year that is now named after the late Barry Firby.  I secured the buds on Patton at the end of July, which John thinks will be OK.  McTell is just 3ft tall and a lovely close jointed plant that will suit the small greenhouse, I secured this one around 8th August.  Barry Firby is 4ft at present and I secured it around 9th August.

Also photographed below is McKinley, 2013 novelty I had on trial last year, I secured the buds the last week of July. Last year I secured them 1st August and they were ready to cut a week after the National Show.



Barry Firby


PATTON                                                           McTell                                                                          Barry Firby


McKinley                                                         McKinley


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