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All the buds are secured and developing nicely

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Looking up under the cover.

Amber Gigantic

Duke of Kent

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Plants growing away nicely in final pots

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Looking down under the cover. Gigantic's in the first 5 rows.                                                                                                               Harry Gee's







Duke of Kent's                                                                                             McKinley


Phil Houghton's

Peggy Ann

Jessie Habgood's

New cultivar William Sydney

New cultivar Rita Rover.


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Plants are moving on

Sunday, 03 April 2016

The first of my Large Exhibition Cultivars are ready for potting on.  I pot the ones I will be growing in 10 inch pots into 6inch pots now. and the ones that will be growing in 9 inch will go into 5.5 inch pots.  In my opinion each plant needs a sqare foot of space in the coldframe. 



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No more orders for Gigantic Family please.

Monday, 25 January 2016

I have had a problem getting enough cuttings of the Gigantic familly.  There are tree reasons for this.  Diapointment with the Gentech stock last year has left me short of stools of Silver Gigantic, Golden Gigantic, Amber Gigantic, Primrose Jessie and Cream Jessie.  On top of this the Gigantic stools have not shot as many cuttings as ussual and the third reason. I've had more orders for Gigantic and its sports.  No more orders for Ivor Mace or Bev's Snowflake or Rita Rover please.

If you do order the next available week is now 16th March, all weeks before this are full.



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My Exhibits at the Shows this year.

Tuesday, 08 December 2015


3 Gigantic's at Neath Show                                                      18 Bloom class at the National Show


Six bloom class at the National Show                                   Overall best vase at the National Show


Four Blooms at Cardiff Show                                                   Three blooms at South Wales Group Show                        Six Blooms at North Somerset


Thee Blooms at North Somerset                                             Six Blooms at Swansea


Three Blooms at Swansea                                                        Mixed Exhibit at Swansea.


Mixed exhibit at Yeovil                                                             Six Blooms at Yeovil                                                                  Three bloomsat Yeovil

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