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Spring is nearly here.

Tuesday, 05 February 2013

Well not quite I suppose

Thankfully the snow has gone.  I have sent out quite a few carnation cuttings since it eventually melted away.  I must say the snow held me back and its been frenetic since then.  Carnations are a devil to pack. To pack them so that the compost doesn't shake out of the pots and bags full of shredded paper to stop them rattling about in the box.  Well I've decided to end sending out carnation cuttings.  Its a never ending job.  Next year if anyone wants rooted cuttings they can collect, then you'll need to tell me what you want before the 1st October.  Then I will root them along with my own cuttings, but no more posting and packing.

I'm busy with chrysanthemum cuttings now and next week will see the first batch being sent out.  These are much easier to pack.


The snow! a delight for children but a nightmare for an old bloke like me.


Carnations ready to dispatch, and of course once they have gone I've managed to pot

my own up.

The first 2 batches of chrysanthemums on the propagation cable.

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