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Chrysanthemum Progress

Friday, 24 August 2012

What a miserable summer so far, I've never rolled back the cover over Large Exhibition chrysanthemums because its rained about 3 days per week. The plants I have in my back garden have only been watered about 4 times since the beginning of June. Thankfully I have been able to give them a teaspoonful of dry base fertiliser and the rain has watered it in. Some varieties have been very yellow, showing the symptoms of iron deficiency. I mixed sequestrate of iron into the fertiliser and they have greened up recently.  Under the cover theres been no problem. I've been watering about once per week except for the odd hot spell of weather when I've watered about every third day. I used a teaspoonful of Vitax Q4 per week up to bud and I've gone on to Solufeed 3-1-3 since securing the buds. The plants look well.  It will be interesting to see how they finish up after being under cover throughout.

Here are a few photos taken today:-





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