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Monday, 28 May 2012

I mixed the compost for final potting the perpetual carnations in early April.  By mid April I began scrubbing the 300 8-9 inch  clay pots.  By early May I had re-potted the lot.  150 pots have been lined out in one polytunnel and 40 pots in an 8 x 12 greenhouse.  Once the vegetable and basket plants have gone out in the garden I will accommodate another 30 pots in the other small greenhouse.  Then the stagging will be removed in the big greenhouse and the remaining pots lined out on the floor in there.  There is one border with early chrysanthemums and also some long leeks in there too.  I have begun feeding with 2 parts nitrogen to 1 part potassium.  I use an injector and calibrate the strength of the feed to 300mS. That is just less than half strength. 


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